Gacha brainburst part I.

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Main hero?

  1. Luni and her crews (Luni, Naomi, Kinen, Kuku, Mitsuko, Lilith)

  2. Blast off series' characters

  3. New immaginated characters (characters that only shown in Huge project)

  4. Others (In plan, Like John Cena?)

  5. (If you choose this, give your ideas into replies with potrait)

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    I was the storywriter, but in the other side, I was suffering from many things. Because I am megalomaniac. But this is quite weird. Think about it. What if you can summon characters from your brain? And I, really burst out my characters from my head. And world is falling like an hell. Every people was corrupted, and really few of people is not corrupted. And I... became corrupted for justice...
    What is in my brain?
    Gacha world characters
    Anime gacha characters
    Gacha studio characters (stage 1-100)
    My own characters (Quite lot)
    Chapter I. Brainstorming (completed story)
    It was a wonderful day. Birds are singing, and bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and everything is turning to green. Yes. It was a wonderful day. But in these days, I can't be happy. because I am getting stress of my studies. But in night. I become a chibi storywriter. Still I am not satisfying with my fictions, but I feel happiness there. And I was going to start drawing something. At that time, a deep headache came and I felt dizzy. Something was wrong. And I saw that every villion characters that I made for fun. And they all said.
    "Thank you for giving us freedom. Now we will corrupt your whole world."
    Wow. This is craziest case that I ever had. And a minute later, they were truly destroying the world!! Damn. What a mess... I put my clothes and ran outside. Seriously, my characters were making worlds messy. And I hoped this was my nightmare. I gave myself a pinch on my cheek. But it was hurt. Well, now I'm dead. Think about it. I made these crazy monsters. But do you really think I can stop them? Even leaving beating them to second, Do you really think this can be forgiven for people? I was in despair. Suddenly, I got an idea.
    "Yeah, right! I made that monsters with my thinking. Then, hero can be made in my brain!"
    So I think about my best hero. And she was summmoned.
    "Geez... What the heck is all this? And why people starts to fight each other?"

    Wait, wait, wait. Did I truly think about LUNI????? Well, now dice is rolled. I should stop all of them. With my hero, Luni. Because I can't make many heros. You know, even it is me, the creative student but have limit for making them. But do you know? That I was an expert martial artist. And my monsters have weakness. Ok. Let's do this, even I fail 1000 times. The number of monsters were 5, and they started to control people.
    Type 0053- Chariot
    Type 0092- Cyan rouge
    Type 0123- Corrupted Icaros
    Type 0344- The ARC
    Type 0895- Murderer Jester
    Alright, I'll kick your :duck:, my immaginations! The power of megalomaniac breaks the one's immagination!
    "Ok, just use your immaginations, please, or you can die because here isn't safe no more!"
    "What? You crazy? How can I beat that monsters, with my immaginations?"

    "Just please do. I am crazy either. And anyone can't be calm down in this case! I don't know, I'll be corrupted, for justice! WWWWWRRRRRIIIIIAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Get dunked!"
    But my punch was not so strong to them. So I tried my special attacks. But as I expected, they were strong. So, I ran away. With Luni. At that time, I was with my brother, at near bridge.
    "Hey, you know? that monsters are summoning more monsters! I don't know how did they came out, but this is emergency situation! And who is this pretty woman?"

    I'll agree for that. Even news is talking about this. That whole world is getting attacked by monsters. I talked to them.
    "Listen. My immagination made that monsters. I know that this is all crazy, but we should stop them! Maybe they are controlling other people. So we need to prepare for it. Alright?"
    Oh no. One of monster saw us. It's ARC! ARC is attacking with his special moves. usuallly he uses fists. I tried to hit him, but it didn't work. He avoided all. So, I tried my special moves.
    "Zinku Spin!"
    Well, it worked. He hurt his head and fainted, And it disappeared. I knew that every beaten enemies disappears. After then, my true fight was begun. I immaginated my supporters.
    "What's up, boy? Seems you need help."

    "What? I summoned? While keep studying?"
    Well, I think this will be most weird fight in my life ever.
    "Listen, guys. The most weird world war had begun. And my immagination can beat them. Whoever you meet, just avoid them. Otherwise, it can be dangerous."
    "What? You serious? And that means we are your immaginations?"

    "Well, I can't understand even I was the top student."
    "Yes, and we will beat them and save the world!"
    What?? Ellie? How did she came here? I didn't immaginned her...
    "Oh well, I think you are not the only one who can summon someone. So, let's beat them all."

    A.D 2018. 01. 24, Our journey starts. But it seems not good. Because people became much stronger than usual. Even they were stronger than the Orcs in my immagination. And they were not only became stronger, but also smarter than usual. They don't bite or scratch. And they attack with swords, pipes, chainsaws, and pistols. When we try to attack, they avoids as they had ever known the moves. And the Chariot was evoluted than usual. Chariot is invincible while attacking. His weakness was his back. Because in my story, I planted nuclear-fusioned engine in Chariot's back. But this engine was shrinked a little than I drew and new moves were seen. With these new and buffed powers, they were destroying the world much faster. Wow, the scenery makes me imagine how confused my brain was.
    Order of uploading
    (Main story part I->Move to drawing->part II->Move to drawing)
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    Chapter II. Survivers&Strategy (completed story)
    Even we summoned Kile, Naomi, Luni, Ellie, but we are less than enemies. Almost..... 1.5 billion times, because current human population is 7,591,860,074? Anyway, we are watching Chariot and strategizing. It is very hard. After second immagination-summon, I was able to see their remaining health like RPG games' HP. And when hit once, the damage was too low. And my ability has only short ranged moves. By the way, though Luni had her missiles, but I think her power wasn't summoned perfectly. And once imagine something. We need to wait at least one hour to summon someone or something again. We summoned Kile, Naomi and Ellie in 4 o' clock, so in 5 o' clock, we can summon another heros. I have really weird ideas, so I said to Luni.
    "Hey, can you summon Kuku next time?"
    "It's not hard, but why it is Kuku?"

    "I think she can beat the Chariot. If we have sensible words. And as you know, not only you can summon. So, if you summon her, I'll summon your best item."
    "I'm not sure, whether it will work..."

    "Just trust me. Everything is on my hand because they are my creations!"
    3... 2... 1... It's 5 o' clock. Luni really summoned Kuku as I asked. I shouted to Kuku.

    "Hey! That crazy chariot took your handsome senpai!"
    Wow, I didn't expected that this will be worked. :cool: And really, I swear, 3 seconds later... Kuku crushed the Chariot. I summoned Kugari in front of us. And explained the situation. Kugari wondered what was going on, but he accepted my request after he promised a basketball match with me. Like an Buzzer beater, Kuku came.
    "Hey, senpai was here! Why you lied? Mosikasite..."

    "No, Kuku. I fell from that Chariot and they helped my recovery!"
    "Senpai! Thank you all, I misunderstood you."
    "We're much thanks to you. Ok, Kugari. We got a problem. The world was corrupted once again and they destroyed all of basketball courts. So help us until the world recover all."
    "Ok, when you use the gacha items, you can call us."

    They accepted and left. Suddenly, Luni cutted our conversation.
    "Wait! You promised me you will summon me my best item! Where is it!?"

    "Oh, right. Your best item. Come on, kid!"
    And a huge robot duck appeared from the sky. It was Ion Mecha duck that I made after she released gacha studio. I didn't set the details, but it is enough to ride.
    "What??? That's not a mecha duck! It seems like revoluted mecha duck!"

    "Alright, seems all of us can ride this. Come on, Luni. System is same as your mecha duck."
    "Oh... It's beautiful...... Ok. Let's go!"

    "We need to find more survivers. We need to go to U.S. Maybe we can find some weapons, and I Cyan rouge escaped to there."
    And we headed to U.S. As I predicted, U.S. was not safe either. Judging by silent roads, maybe people were escaped to shelter. And there were a lot of corrupted people holding their guns. Well, I thought that all of guns are in their hands. I said.
    "I'll turn back to here in an hour, so stay here. And if you get attack, do not reverse them."
    And I jumped from the mecha duck. Because I was falling really fast, I could avoid all of bullets. And I fastly imagined magic glove and stretched my fists. Now, I was able to use hadouken. They fainted after getting my attack and we got some guns. I hold one of them, and left to beat Cyan rouge. He was the character that I mixed Cyan and Rouge, as the name says. For beating them and to stop this disaster, I started to think about myself. First, all of a sudden, everything was happened. From my immagination starts to corrupt the world to Invading U.S. And I can use the power of summon which I had seen or thought about at least once. What should I do next? That was easy. Because we have to gather more survivers. If there is a problem, the number of uncorrupted people is really less. Luckily, I found one of them.
    "Hey, who are you? Seems you are not corrupted yet, but be careful. People in this area all corrupted. Alright?"

    "Glad there was an another surviver. Please come with me if you can."
    And I called to my brother.
    "Ok, It's good to find another surviver. I'll go there in 10 minutes."

    But unfortunately, we got a tail.
    ":facepat:, Please give us freedom... You devils."
    I hold my guards. Well, I think they are crazy in lunacy, like zombies. But not so silly like other zombies, but so smart that can use combat weapons. It's 6:20. So 40 minutes left for next immagination.
    "Prepare for it. It will be hard to survive from these monsters."

    "Hey, is there anyone who doesn't know about that? Then, let's rock!"
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    Chapter III. Stage movitation (v.0.0.1)
    They started to fire guns. Of course, we avoided and gave them some hits. But a number of them were trying to attack us, so we kept fighting and avoiding. But it caused really bad case. We saw Cyan rogue right in front of us. Because cyan rouge is much powerful than other common rogues, we turn back. But unknown guy didn't escaped. And stood against Cyan rogue. Now, I can't run away for this guy. I hoped, that I could beat this monster. Every move of Cyan rogue is in my head. The unknown guy suddenly asked.
    "Hey, do you know that guys' weakness? If you know, I could beat him."
    "Alright, then please move behind me. I know him well."
    And the battle begun. At first, he used sabers. His saber can use ranged attack. And really, he used wind cutting. But it was on my hand, I avoided to left and said.
    "Now! attack his chest!"
    And he really attacked the chest massively. Because of that single fist, his move become slower. But suddenly, he tried to destruct himself and everything was burst. Two of us couldn't avoided explosion. and everything turned to white. Before then, I saw that Luni and her friends falling to the ground. And I lost my members. At that time. Suddenly something came out. They were Jester and Icaros.

    "Now lets play the game."
    "If you want to return the world, then beat us. We will wait at Luni's games."
    And we were transported to Gacha world, but it seems that corruption were invaded again. Right. I see the final boss. But my power is not enough to beat final boss right now. I said to him and we avoided. I asked.
    "Hey, who are you?"
    "Me? My name is Murlin. Murlin Linker. And as you can see, I'm a boxer."
    "Great, my name is... J."
    I think I should hide my name. When he know that I made this disaster, he will not forgive me. We continued our talk. And I heard that he had a cute daughter, who avoided to emergency shelter with wife. I only shared that I am student. After short introducing, I was able to imagine something again. I imagined an long stink like a spear. And I gave him a glove. For avoiding the doubts, I deleted ranged attack option. Instead, I added more defence to it. And I headed to gacha woods. I saw gacha robo, bullying by goblins. I took down them all and fixed the gacha robo. Gacha robo tell us that two men invaded and corruption were revived. Guess I think I have to uncorrupt them all. Or all of gacha world user will suffer for glitches. Well, no one will play during this war though. Gacha robo continued.
    "That's not end! We need to move to next game when corruption is over! This is not the only one which was damaged by corruption glitch. so we need to hurry!"
    Uh-oh... Now I really should hurry...
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    BRUH! better get new 6 star characters who can rek keito potter in his ugly face