The new world [Pt 2]

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    "But h--how? I remembered walking at the street and then--" Emma eyes wide open "I GOT SUCK INTO A MYSTERIOUS HOLE!" she blurted in panicked

    "Listen, Emma--"
    "How did you know my name?"
    "It all in the book, you're the chosen one" She claimed politely, Emma mouth hung open

    "C-chosen o-one?? How and WHY ME WHEN THERE ARE MILLION OF PEOPLE BUT ME?!" Emma said well literally unbelievable news for her

    "Exactly, Dear. Calm down. You are here to save us"
    "Save? From who?"
    "The evil warlock tried to open the portal from your world and he tried to conquer it!" She claimed "but good thing, he couldn't used it anymore since we stole that portal to get YOU"

    Emma stepped back a few step, unbelievably she bend down and holding her head hardly "But why me?"

    "You're the chosen one, no one can defeat him but you"

    To be continue...

    I hope you enjoy this one!! ;);)
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