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    Soooo I was thinking we could do a top 10 of our favorite games, or just some games that you enjoy if you can't think of 10 that you enjoy. Also let's only limit it to one game per series, for example, your list can't just be filled with Mario games, I wanna see variety!
    So to start, here's mine:

    1. Shovel Knight
    This game... is my life. You've might of heard me bring it up once or twice, but if you haven't, lemme tell you, this game is AMAZING! It's a 2D retro platformer where you, uh, use a shovel to bounce of enemies??? It sounds odd, but the game feels so smooth and really brings you back to those games you played as a kid. Not to mention that the game has received 2 FREE DLCs that have added entire new campaigns. Talk about bang for your buck.

    2. Shadow of the Colossus
    If you were to show me this game, and then tell me it were on the PS2, I wouldn't believe you. This game looks amazing and it's beauty is probably one of the things that make this one of my favorite game. It is also one of the first and only open world games on the PS2, which most developers didn't thinks was possible given the specs. The game also has an interesting play style in the fact that it only has bosses, and revolves around you exploring the world trying to find a colossus to take down.

    3. Sly 2: Band of Thieves
    Raccon thief? Hell yea! (Also amazing gameplay)

    4. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
    I played this game sooo much as a kid, and loved every second of it. The levels in this game look completely spectacular, and the gameplay is extremely fun as well. I dunno, this just seems like one of those classic games that just never gets old to play, and I love it!

    5. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
    Picking a favorite Kingdom Hearts game is really difficult, as they all are so different, both in theirs story, as well as their game mechanics. But these games manage enough similarities to always feel like a KH game. And although some feel too different (looking at you Chain of Memories), this aspect is what makes playing all these games so fun. With that being said, Birth by Sleep, although not the favorite of many people, remains to be my favorite as the command deck was always my favorite style of battle Square Enix has come up with.

    6. Guitar Hero 3
    Geetars r kewl!

    7. Undertale
    I know there's a lot of complaining about the fanbase of this game and whatever, but I played through this game and thought it was a great game with lots of amazing twists. It also has great gameplay, an awesome story, and plenty of memorable characters. All in all a great game.

    8. Smash 4
    I've always loved Smash Bros, and this game is amazing. I main Shulk btw ;)

    9. Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy
    I haven't played too many of the main Final Fantasys :c, but this spinoff is one of the best games I've ever played. It's what you would get if you were to combine Smash Bros and FF, and it's pretty rad. You can select characters from different FF games and build them with unique skills and stuffs, and then you fight. It also has a rather lengthy story, that was quite boring cuz it's sooooo easy, but it also has an open-worldish area that you unlock after beating the game with lots of fun challenge missions and secret bosses!

    10. Maplestory
    I'm sorry, but what can I say? I love the grind c;
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    It's the fandom, the actual game is actually fine. Instead of bullet hell that everyone is talking about, it's more suited to call it platformer. Heck, I have played it too and yes, as people have said it, it's that good. Not to the point that it will become the best game ever(all these wank by the fandom) but it's definitely something that one won't forget for a while.
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    ehhhhh havent played through one yet :c
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    I MAIN ROY AND SHULK (used to be an annoying Sheik main) with a pocket Cloud
    2. GTA V
    I mainly just mess around in game and hang out with my friends there if I can't hang out with them irl
    3. Mario Party 7
    Because we enjoy destroying our friendships when we play this game
    4. Spores
    How do you think I come up with monster designs when I draw?
    5.Senran Kagura series
    Naruto, but everyone is a girl with a G cup ;^)
    6. Minecraft
    Same reason for GTA V, I usually go on here with friends if we can't hang out irl.
    7. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax
    For when my weeaboo friends come over and we all pick our favorite top tier, the basketball loli. But I main Kirino
    8. Sonic Series
    9. Dragonquest 9 Sentinels of the Starry Sky
    Because customizable characters and good story
    10. Huniepop
    ; ^)
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    Wow, someone here actually remembered and played it.

    You forgot the part, less clothes=more power

    Still had it on my DS lol, messing with my character face and hairs to make him super saiyan

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    1- Sonic The Hedgehog 2
    It was the very first game i've ever played, it sucked me into videogames world.

    2- Super Bomberman 5
    Playing along with my brother trying to 100% it was awesome!

    3- Gran Turismo 2
    In my opinion the best car game from the ps1, also the first game that i've played over 25 times, including the endurances.

    4- Touhou Koumakyou
    My favourite game, why? Because i love bullet hell games and this one is awesome! Screw you sakuya

    5- Terraria
    It's a great game to play with your friends and i would play again a lot of times.

    6- Sakura... you know

    7- Dragon Ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
    Best DBZ game ever made, the fighting mechanics are good and the modding potential increases the re-play value.

    8- Epic Battle Fantasy 4
    Pretty much came for killing monsters, stayed for the plot.

    9- V-Rally 2 Need for Speed
    First rally game i've played and i liked to make my own courses on it.

    10- Hunie Pop
    I like puzzles, it's not like if i only wanted to.... BAKA!!!
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    ( My Top 10 Games in Android and PC for me :3 )

    1. Geometry Dash in Android & PC
    A parkour game where you must finish RopTop's levels and other players' level

    2. Minecraft in Android & PC
    Who never heard Minecraft ?! The popular game where you will fight for your life , craft Armors ! Craft weapons ! Craft tools ! Make crops ! Trade with villagers ! Play multiplayer and slay all of them in Survival Games !

    3. Growtopia in Android & PC
    A Social game where the game like Terraria but no enemies , there are many events like Winter , Summer , Halloween and Valentine , and there is other events and more !

    4. Cytus in Android
    A musical games with Bubble mode and there have Full version , there are some secrets to from some songs , each chapter has 1 secret songs and some special chapters like Chapter K and Chapter L has a storyline , means if you complete all the songs chapter , you can get 2 more songs

    5. Five nights at Freddy's in Android & PC
    Who never heard FNAF ? A popular game where you will be a nightguards and check the CCTV to make sure the animatronics doesn't near at your office , if an animatronics come , you can check it... Press the [Light] button to light up up your left or right doors , [Close] to close the left or right doors , remember not to waste the batteries... If it turn into 0% , its mean you dead

    6. Undertale in PC
    A story where you will be a child named Frisk fall to underground because slipped a root and he / she trying to escape and found the underground has a lot of monsters

    7. Call of duty : Black Ops III in PC
    A FPS game where you can be Single player ( Story mode ) and Multiplayer

    8. Crisis Action in Android
    An Asian games... Same as C.O.D. but in Android ! Have Bio / Zombie mode ! Kill all the players in solo ! Ranked match is awaiting you ! Join the Tournament , you will be rewarded if you win the tournament with your team !

    9. Tahu Bulat in Android
    Indonesian game where you will do your business... You selling Round Tofu , tap the screen and people will start come ! Spread your business to other country !

    10. SusuChoco - Online FPS in Android
    Another FPS game , but like Crisis Action
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    U mean Sakuya Izayoi ? I don't know a lot about this game , I only know Sakuya Izayoi because I watching Frisk vs. Sakuya Izayoi in YouTube....
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    I only have 100 or more games. Most are mobile.
    Number 1: OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo (Available in most app stores for free) Here's why: The cut scenes are marking an important point here. I love how all of them are interactive, and that they use voiceovers for the cut scenes. But they're way too quiet, this is the only game I can barely hear on the bus! The only one!
    Number 2: Pokemon Sun (3DS) Here's why: The Alola region is different from the other regions, which makes it unique. I like the trials and the Pokemon, and here's a tip for newbie Pokemon Sun players: Pick Rowlet at the beginning! His final evolution's Z-Power is literally an opponent destroyer! He's why I beat the Pokemon League with Pokemon in the Level-30s!
    Number 3: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (PC) Here's why: I just love making my parks and scenarios on my own! And I love to customize the rides (and pop people's balloons)
    Number 4: Mariokart 8 (WiiU) Here's why: I just love the customizable carts and bikes. I once made The Slowest Cart In The Race and still won.
    Number 5: Moe Girl Cafe 2 (Avaliable in Google Play for free) Here's why: I love to customize my restraunt and chat with others (and make my staff angry)
    Number 6: Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (3DS) Here's why: This game is similar to Animal Crossing, but with people and, of course, harvesting. But the people always say the same thing, and it gets boring over time.
    Number 7: Scribblenauts Unlimited (WiiU, available in Google Play) Here's why: With unlimited items in the area and a customization page, creativity is truly unlimited!
    Number 8: Minecraft (PC, Xbox, avaliable in Google Play, and more) Here's why: In creative mode, creativity is unlimited. In Survival mode, it's survival for the fullest. Too bad you can't make your own blocks, then this game would be perfect.
    Number 9: Postknight (Avaliable in Google Play for free) Here's why: Being a vertical-screen RPG and a game that supports multi-screen view, this game couldnt be better to het all the equipment and upgrade it to 5 stars.
    Number 10: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) Here's why: I just love being mayor and adding things to the town (and visiting my sister's town) and I also love almost everything else in this game. Although I said number 6 was similar to this game's series, it's nothing like this game except the festivals and the town.