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    Prologue : Closure to A Dream

    "We won't let what our friends fought for, go away into nothing !"

    The knight in red and gray emerged from the haze of darkness, glowing in a luminous azure blaze. He held the shield on his left arm forward and rushed at his opponent. With a single bash, the last of the apparitions collapsed into the floor and vanished. Just as he wiped the sweats off his face, the knight heard a voice coming from right to his front.

    "But it always have been so. What you had strived for up to this point, it is all for nothing."

    A person in a black hooded cloak came into view, seemingly out of nowhere. It's presence was much more powerful than the apparitions and certainly looked the part. The two sword on it's hands are the ones the legends spoke of, the real ones, and the dark purple wings on it's back emanated an intense darkness.

    "Even if what you said is true, I would never give up ! The world of Chibion is the world of dreams. So as long as everyone's dream remains, I- No, we !" the knight countered, readying his weapons.

    "There is no point in retaliating What good was it, to save a world that brought so much despair to begin with ?"

    "You were the one who brought despair in the first place, to here and to everywhere else !"

    The knight rushed again once more, but the person easily caught the shield only using it's hand, then threw him backwards.

    "Have you not realized ? Even here, the truth stays the same. The nightmares have long existed here before I came, and what resulted of you fighting them ?"

    The person floated in the air, then pointed at the knight's blue tattered cape.

    "You failed to save her, the one you cared for and looked up to. Then, you decided to continue fighting in memory of her."

    It then turned to the back of the room they were in, close to the entrance. There, the protector of dreams, half-corrupted watched on as a pitch black nightmare monster stood above the purple clothed mage it had defeated.

    "And yet you repeated the same mistake again. So tell me, how much more of your friends have to be sacrificed so you can continue acting like a hero that you weren't."

    "Don't listen to him, Naito !" the blue rogue warned, still on a grapple with the monster.

    The knight remained silent, struggling to get up. In a blind rage, he slashed at the person over and over. The attacks went through, but did nothing. It continued to speak.

    "You reminded me of how I used to be back then. It was just a simple wish, yet this world and it's Creator denied of it. In the end, I realized the truth of this world. In order to save everyone and end their eternal suffering- exactly as you wanted, this world must end."

    "And that's what I am trying to do. To turn the world against itself to further it's destruction. Corruption against restoration, world against world, and heroes against each other. And from there, a-"

    Gathering all his strength, the knight bashed his shield right into the person's face, knocking him all the way into the wall.

    "How unfortunate that you not only pay no attention to my words, even if we're trying to reach the same goals, but you're still trying to fight me as well. Fear not though, your pain won't be for long. Not by me, but by a certain someone as stubborn as you," the person said, recovering almost immediately.

    "What did you mean ?"

    Before the knight could finish asking, the person vanished once again. Hurriedly, he turned to the back.

    "We did it. At least we defeated Yume and brought Chibion back to safety, for now." the blue rogue reported.

    "But Cindy..I'm sorry.." the green-clothed gunslinger added.

    His eye widened when he saw the two other people laying motionless in front of him. The person, even if he was the one who led the world to end, was right. Yume and Cindy, he failed to save them even though he could. And that's not counting the many who sacrificed themselves just so they can reach the top of the tower.

    "Naito, are you alright ? The others are waiting below."

    "Naito.. NAITO ?!"

    He froze in his place, not paying attention to what was happening, lost in his own guilt and feeling of uselessness. The top of the tower suddenly trembled over and over, and strong winds began to blow. A red heptagram, a seven-pointed star appeared in the wall where the malevolent figure once stood.

    "So here you are, the so-called Hero of Dreams."

    Naito turned to the source of the familiar-sounding voice behind. It was his rival, who killed his mentor back then in that strange world. He used to be wearing all green, but now the colors have faded. And the blood red radiance surrounding him indicated that the corruption had started to take over.

    "Have you had enough with ruining the place we call home? Did it please you to watch all the destruction from your throne of false dreams ?"

    The knight ignored him, and thrusted his sword quickly. He at first didn't understand what was going on in all those worlds. He answered honestly to those accusing him, and they attacked him and his friends anyway. But now it started to make sense, way later than it should be.

    As the symbol from before appeared again and the strong winds turned into a tempest, he shielded himself.

    "I see, that's your answer. You're not even worthy of being my opponent !"

    The entire tower they're fighting at collapsed at the blow, sending it's rubble and everyone in it to the plains below.


    Ellie was struggling to free herself from the Final Boss's grasp. The yellow fairy tried to talk her way out of the problem, but he wouldn't stop at anything until his vengeance was complete.

    "Returning me to my world ? But didn't you ask me to save this world back then, or have you forgotten ? Either way, this is how I will do that."

    "No.. the You who I know wouldn't even think of doing such this like this !"

    With the fairy struggling once more, the Final Boss tightened his grip and brought the fairy to a chair at the frontmost of the lab. He flipped the chair toward him as the fairy gasped in shock.

    The Creator. Murdered. Two Blades of Corruption on her back. That alone was enough to tell the point than not even the world's creator was safe anymore. But the Final Boss wanted to show more.


    The screen on the Creator's desk showed the state of the worlds currently. All the worlds had been lost to corruption. Vinyl City was worse, what with screen showing the purple DJ sending The Reaper after his already-injured cyan-haired partner. There was still a flicker of hope in one of it, not much, but it existed anyways. And as long as that remains...

    "It's kind of fitting that Chibion was the last to succumb. It's like saying that your hopes of opposing me only exists in your dreams. And even there-"

    Ellie was gone. If there's one mistake the Final Boss made, it was underestimating what she was capable of...


    In the ruins of the Castle of Dreams, the black-haired swordsman stood. The previous attack had decimated an entire castle's worth of enemies, not counting those nearby. And by himself, he had dispatched the remaining forces of Chibion.

    As he passed through the ruins, he saw the red knight from before under some pieces of rubble, next to a blue and green clothed people he remembered seeing before. He felt sorry for them, but it had to be done if he wanted to save his world.

    "I can't.. stop now.."

    "Just..A little more.."


    The swordsman turned to his behind. To his astoundment, the rubble above the knight split in half and he managed to stand on his own feet once more, covered in an ever-increasing blue radiance.

    "And I'll.. I'll save my friends."

    The knight wasn't even aware that his friend had already been dead, right in front of him. It was one of the effect of the corruption much like the swordsman's, only worse. His rage was genuine, his expression was nothing like the cold and hostile lord the swordsman always thought of.

    He leapt at the swordsman before he could react, pinning him down.

    The swordsman manifested his power, summoning dark spikes which stabbed all over the knight's body. But he didn't budge one bit, continuing to lower his sword even after receiving such injuries.

    "Everyone's dream.. I can't give up on them now !"

    The knight stabbed his sword, and the swordsman stabbed his. By the time Ellie arrived, it seems all too late...

    But, was it ? The two was barely alive, but it was enough. Even if the land of dreams finally came to a closure, hope still remained. Gathering their feelings, their hope, the fairy turned a bright rainbow.

    She looked sadly at both, who never came to know each other but had to fight them by circumstance. The world might still end now, but not how his old friend wanted it to. Raising the Gacha Sword, Ellie closed her eyes.

    "Reset Data"
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